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About Paragon

The Paragon Fellowship aims to connect students with opportunities in the science and tech policy space. Fellows will spend 5 to 10 hours a week researching and writing a policy brief on key issues for their state and local governments, with topics ranging from broadband infrastructure, renewable energy, to AI procurement. The fellowship is a hands-on, project-based experience, designed to introduce students to the tech policy landscape and grow their network and impact through local community engagement. Applications for our Fall 2024 cohort will open in mid-August.

What does a project look like?


Fellows will be matched with a cohort of 5-8 fellows from your region to work on a policy issue with a local or state government. Policy areas for our projects range from immediate issues that governments face to future issues they seek to explore – each one is carefully scoped by our organizing team with our government partners.


After meeting their regional cohort, fellows will attend our boot camp training, where we will prepare fellows with the policy research and writing skills necessary to work on real government issues. We will also host brown bag conversations and a guest lecture series on tech policy issues throughout the program.


Fellows will spend 5-10 hours a week researching a policy issue that their state and local government leaders are interested in. During the fellowship, each team will produce a policy brief for their local government with policy recommendations that pertain to tech implementation, strategy, and decision-making. They will meet with our government partners regularly to iterate on and shape the final product.


Your research can make a real impact. Each team will present their research and policy brief to our government partners. Through these presentations, you will gain valuable experience communicating your findings to directly impact your local government’s science and tech policy strategies and initiatives.

What is the impact?

Currently, opportunities for students to explore science and tech policy are limited and highly competitive, creating a barrier of entry. Accessibility lies at the heart of Paragon’s mission: by connecting students with state and local governments, we empower them to chart a career path in tech policy and address the most pressing issues in their communities. Our success will cultivate the next generation of science and tech policy leaders.

Who are we?

Started by two former White House OSTP interns, Paragon was founded to help bridge the gap between students interested in tech policy issues and local governments with an increasing need to build tech capacity. Our objective is to make science and tech policy research more accessible to students of any background and to create a supportive community among those interested in exploring this intersection.

Paragon is supported by the Federation of American Scientists, a policy research and advocacy organization, through fiscal sponsorship.


Let‘s get started.

Start making policy impact today.


Fellows are the backbone of the policy team. Fellows are matched with 5-8 students from their region to work on a project with their local government. Policy teams meet weekly with their project leads and biweekly with their government partners to align research priorities. Paragon will provide policy training and support throughout the program. Applications are due May 25th.

Project Leads

Each team is headed by the project lead, a more experienced student (in leadership and/or policy) who will serve as the manager for 5-8 fellows from their region. Leads will be responsible for keeping their team on track as well as communicating with the team's government partner. Leads will also receive regular support from mentors and the Paragon board. Applications are due May 21st.

Applications are currently closed! Please check back in around the beginning of August 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions